The Mellotron M400 is my all-time favorite instrument!
Owning one is my deepest dream but these piece of history are rare, expensive and, most of all, highly unreliable!! Rick Wakeman himself even set his two Mellotron on fire in a middle of field after struggling for hours with tuning problems!

This is why I decided to build my own, but instead of having the samples stored on tapes, the samples are now stored on a SD card. The filter and amplification circuit is on the other hand fully analog to keep the sound warm and authentic!

Status: Finished


- MIDI connection
- Up to 20 sound banks
- Half Speed Mode
(Feature used on the Streetly Electronics M4000)
- Split Mode to play with 2 separate banks
(like the Mellotron MkII)
- Analog Filter
- A LCD screen



First Test

Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother (Psylotron Mini Jam)

Rick Wakeman - Jane Seymour "Yessongs" (Psylotron Mini Jam)

Pink Floyd - A Great Gig in the Sky
(Richard Wright Tribute)

Used on:

Soul Machine - Mellochrome

Phanerosphene EP I&II (Almost all tracks)

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