Soul Machine is a French musician/composer, multi-instrumentist and electronic music producer.
Formerly guitarist, he’s been involved in various projects and bands through the years, exploring 70’s Rock, Metal, Dub and Trip Hop. He then found in electro music the perfect way to gather all he experimented before.

He gets some notoriety in 2010 after he released a non-official remix of the song "Blackened" by Metallica. Impressed, Radio Metal devotes him its entire "High Hopes" show of December.

From then on, his constant need for perfection and his powerful live performances brought him glorious supports such as Tony Visconti (legendary producer of David Bowie, T-Rex and Iggy Pop) or Matthieu CHEDID (-M-).

In 2012, He gets himself noticed by the hyperactive DJ Girl MISSILL who asks him to produce some tracks for her upcoming album. The same year, he makes the buzz playing a tribute to the French duo Justice on the massive pipe organ of the Saint-Joseph Basilica in Grenoble, Gaspard AUGE (Justice) himself approved the performance.

He composes in 2013 the Soundtrack of a film directed in Fukushima by the charity/fashion project "Silk Me Back in Japan", helping the victims of the tragedy. In parallel, the franco-italian singer NYLS, asks him to remix his single "Crazy". The release hits the 8th position of the iTunes TOP10 in only two hours, beating artists such as Eminem, Katy Perry and Miley Cirus. The remix is featured in the Soundtrack of the movie "Yellow" directed by Rene Zhang the following year.

In 2014, Yann Destal, mythic singer of Modjo, calls him to remix his single "Walk With Me".

releases the same year a double EP Phanerosphene (I&II), which marks a new step in his musical odyssey.

He releases in 2015 the song "Wonderkids" co-produced with the czech producer ATREY. The EP "Wonderkids Remixes" is released the following year featuring glorious remixers such as Superfunk or Mozambo.

After a 3 years standby, Soul Machine introduces in 2018 his own handmade instruments under the name of FAR BEYOND PERCEPTION. The MS-X analog synthesizer and his Mellotron M400 replica have been massively approved all around the world.

In 2019, Rosko John, funding member of the british band ARCHIVE discovers Soul Machine's work and proposes to collaborate on his next EP.

To Be Continued...

Singles :

| 2012 || O.C.S.I.D || So French Records
| 2012 || Prohibition || So French Records
| 2012 || Haunted
|| EN Records
| 2013 || Off the Lip (Zano Boogie) || So French Records
| 2014 || Chromaesthesia || So French Records
| 2015 || Wonderkids (feat Atrey) || So French Records
| 2016 || New Horizons over Pluto || So French Records

EPs :

| 2013 || Silk Me Back in Japan
|| Silk Me Back
| 2014 || Phanerosphene : Part I || So French Records
| 2014 || Phanerosphene : Part II || So French Records
| 2015 || Wonderkids Remixes || So French Records

Official Remixes :

| 2012 || MISSILL feat MOP & D-MC - Champions (Soul Machine Remix) || Play Me Records
| 2013 || AdriAn - Deluded State (Soul Machine Remix) || So French Records
| 2013 || Rubber Spanner - Satanic Synths (Soul Machine Remix) || Jet Set Trash
| 2013 || NYLS - Crazy (Soul Machine Remix) || ICON Records
| 2013 || Dizkodeath - Wizard (Soul Machine Remix) || Jet Set Trash
| 2014 || Yann Destal- Walk With Me (Soul Machine Remix) || Else Music

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Soul Machine