Supported by:

Tony Visconti
(David Bowie, Iggy Pop, T-Rex)

Gaspard Auge

Rosko John

Matthieu Chedid

Yann Destal
Norbert "Nono" Krief
Missill Nyls


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Soul Machine is a French Electronic Music producer and Synthesizer designer.
Involved in various projects through the years, exploring 70’s Rock, Metal, Dub and Trip Hop, he found in electro music the perfect way to gather all he experimented before.

His constant need for perfection and his powerful live performances brought him glorious supports such as Tony VISCONTI (producer of David Bowie) Gaspard AUGE (JUSTICE) or Matthieu CHEDID (-M-). He also worked for world famous artists like Rosko JOHN (ARCHIVE), MISSILL, NYLS,
and Yann DESTAL (MODJO).

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Soul Machine